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Korean Stonebowl Riceteria. Bi Bim Bap uses the best ingredients and cooks everything from scratch using traditional cooking methods.

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414 reviews | 4.6
  • Overall had a good experience. The bi bin bap was good but I had the tofu version which was very different. This tofu was lighter and softer. The dish also seemed low in salt. They had mexican coke which was yummy. The beef (not pork) tacos were delicious as were ...
  • been bummed out recently that most korean restaurants i visit have not met my expectations. However, this place helped me be proud of my culture and regained excitement for eating my food. We ordered the beef bibimbap and the beef itself was so tender and soft. The apps were simple ...
  • We have been here quite a few times - it’s a Small little restaurant that employs foreign students on visas. The decor is simple, modest and comfortable. The service is wonderful and the food pretty darn tasty! We particularly like the spicy rice cakes, although we liked the garlic ...


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Korean Food
Stone Bowl BiBimBap
Steamed Buns
Kim Chi Fries
Jap Chae Noodles
Kai Bi
Rice Cakes

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Licensed for Alcohol
Meet the Owner

Sam Lee grew up in South Korea and immigrated to Canada when he was young. This experience developed his unique Korean-Canadian perspective on food, and you can taste the delicious marriage of food cultures at Bi Bim Bap. Thanks to the help of Janet, Sam’s wife, every Bi Bim Bap recipe is tuned to perfection. Sam and Janet believe in using only the best, healthiest ingredients; you won’t find MSG, white sugar or processed salt in your dishes at Bi Bim Bap. They also have a fantastic selection of vegan dishes because, as Sam puts it, “if I can do it and still keep the food traditional and tasty, why not?”

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